Send SMS from Salesforce CRM to Pipeline your Sales Process

World’s leading CRM platform Salesforce is never behind when it comes to fulfilling people’s expectations regarding the latest technological trends in the market. Talking specifically from a marketer’s perspective, we can say that the trends have constantly been in an ever-changing fashion. There are various communication mediums which were used well enough previously but are not in much use now. For example, Emails and text messages have been an all-time favorite of the marketers, but gradually, SMS started to take the place of emails too in the marketers’ world. This is the reason why the majority of them have started being engaged with the text marketing as their primary mode of communication with the customers, prospects and business partners. The new update of your favorite CRM now allows you to send SMS from Salesforce in a much easy and effective manner without wasting much of their time as well as money.

Moreover, talking more about the importance of text messages in our personal as well as professional lives, we can say that even the majority of the audience is happy receiving SMS over calls or emails. Your target audience is going to love you for using this communication medium to get in touch with them because it won’t take them much time to reply to a text or SMS but it is definitely a time-consuming process to attend a call or reply to an email when you’re in the middle of something important. Continue reading to get more logical insights for the same.

Send SMS from Salesforce CRM to Pipeline your Sales Process

Salesforce CRM is quite beneficial for all those business enterprises which wish to establish their name in this highly competitive market. For all those who have opted for cloud space to store and manage their database are already using Salesforce platform to get better customer retention and pipeline their sales process as well. Their CRM just made it easier for them to send single or bulk SMS to their clients. Now, you do not need to switch over between your CRM software and the other texting apps by Salesforce. All of this can be done easily with the help of a hearty CRM framework like Salesforce.

On a concluding note, we can also say that this latest update can provide people with some exceptional benefits which will help them to take their business venture to great heights. Wish to try out your hands on the top-rated Salesforce texting app? 360 SMS App is natively built on Salesforce and empowers you to use text messages as your primary mode of communication with customers, prospects and business partners. Thinking to try it soon? Visit our website now and book a free demo for yourself today!

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