Which one is suitable for the business-SMS or email marketing

Both Email and SMS marketing are significant mediums in the present marketing blend. As both of them are used according to the needs and requirements and the type of data or information, then a business can make sure which one is more suitable for their business.

Now talking about the facts, there are more than seven billion cell-phone users in the world and it covers more than ninety-eight percent of the total population in the world, according to the survey hed by the reputed survey company. That means, almost every person regardless of age, has a phone in their pocket that can receive text messages. And another survey reveals that around three million email users are there in the world. That simply means the database of the SMS users is more than double of the email users.

The prominence of email marketing implied that it immediately got overpopulated with spam, hence decreasing the opportunity that your email will be deciphered as an authentic one and opened and read. SMS Marketing, on the other hand, is 99% authentic, with just 1% spam content, this specialized medium is still profoundly in regards to by cell phone clients.

To run SMS marketing campaigns in the Salesforce account, businesses use the 360 SMS App that comes up with lots of functionalities including SMS marketing and it provides the feature to send SMS more than one client. Not only this it provides SMS templates feature so that one can create different SMS templates and then run them on different occasions or time intervals to a particular group of potential clients.

Which one is suitable for the business-SMS or email marketingSMS has an amazing open pace of more than ninety-five percent. No other marketing medium can offer a comparative rate, making SMS Marketing one of the best approaches to get your message to your client. Interestingly email marketing reports a 22% open rate, this essentially diminishes your opportunity of accomplishment. Think about the measure of time and exertion put into each marketing channel as well. An instant message can be created and sent surprisingly fast, contrast that with the measure of plan and creation time that goes into each email sent…

That is why almost every business is using the SMS as a marketing medium including the Salesforce CRM users through 360 SMS App- top-rated Salesforce SMS App. Indeed, even Barack Obama utilized SMS Marketing in his 2008 campaign which made sure about his term in government.

But that doesn’t mean that email marketing is not working anymore. however, we are declaring SMS Marketing’s predominance over it! On the off chance that you don’t trust us, give it a shot! Send an instant message to 100 clients and an email to 100 clients and see which gives you the most return! And in case you are a Salesforce user and thinking to run SMS marketing campaigns or simply want to interact with the clients on daily basis, then you must check the 360 SMS App, as it is the most reliable Salesforce texting App.

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